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Self-Knowledge - Introspection

According to Rudolf Steiner's System




1. Weakening of the Self due to excessive devotion, loss of the Self (Creation of group souls and Overestimating of the Self > haughtiness, arrogance, overbearance

1. Self-consciousness, freedom, immunity, selflessness, Sense for reality, modesty

1. Hardening of the Self - egoism, lack of contact due to lack of interest in the problems of our fellow man.
Underestimating the Self, feelings of insuperiority, despondency

2. Sadism (desire for pain in animals and people)

2. Balance of the soul.

2. Masochism, self-torture, desire for torment from others

3. Effusive love, spiritual love,
love without deed

3. "Love is the law, love under will-power"

3. Sensual love, perversity, rape

4. Error, confusion in thinking,
   loss of the Self, helplessness

4. Truth, objectivity,

4. Lies > egoism, subjectivity, lack of objectivity (due to ignorance and stupidity)

5. Haughtiness, negligence, recklessness, carelessness, not level-headed

5. Courage, foresight, presence of mind,

5. Fear, trepidation, cowardness, resignation, melancholy - depression

6. Over-idealism, religiously effusive, .. (through fear and cowardness!), loss of reality

6. Idealism, science as a combination of spiritual science (magic, occultism) and the science of nature

6. Materialism, Darwinism, science of nature, religious fanatism due to priestly striving for power

7. Overrating, adulation

7. Alertedness, recognition (I didn't create the world), objective assessment

7. Inattention, criticism, judgement

8. Worshiping false values, exaggerated human characteristics and strengths

8. Human dignity in the correct association with the universal laws

8. Lack of dignity (Darwinism - Man evolved from the apes or the big bang)

9. Exaggerated thankfulness, dependence

9. Thankfulness (towards the powers of destiny, protective spirit, master, etc.)

9. Unthankfulness (a combination of stupidity and egoism)

10. Restlessness, overzealousness, flightiness, superficiality

10. Diligence, activity

10. Laziness, passivity, comfort, melancholy

11. Impatience, hectic, intolerance, nervousness

11. Patience, equanimity, tolerance

11. Indifference, apathy

12. Jealousy, envy

12. Self-consciousness

12. Indifference