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Mr. N.J: I want to know whether mastery of the elements is dangerous or not?


1. Magic is not a children's game! My advice: No careless experiments!

Study carefully until you have full insight into the matter of your study and the aims connected with it. Some people begin already with exercises after reading only one chapter of „Initiation into Hermetics“ by Franz Bardon, what is a nonsense, because after reading one chapter only it is impossible to gain an overview of the aims of magic or Hermetics. If possible repeat reading all three books once in a year.


2. Introspection or self-knowledge. Most important!

Establish the table of the qualities of your character as recommended in „Initiation“. Meditate on the qualities until you have gained a rather clear view on it. This is a difficult task and you may need to study a few books on psychology and psychiatry beside. Many of the students are unable to establish the table of their own character because it is a painful process to look at the failures of the own ego.

Some questions may arise during this process:

a.) Which of my negative thoughts and feelings are hindrances for the control of my thoughts? For instance clinging to feelings and ideas of the past and the future.

b.) Which of the qualities of my character cause negative thoughts and feelings?

c.) Which negative temptations attack me without being able to control it?

d.) What are the motives of my aims in this life?

The establishment of such a table of the character usually needs several months. The labour to remove the imbalance of the character in respect to negative passions and all four elements can need a number of years, depending on the start position of the student.


Within the realm of introspection it is necessary to meditate about the law of Karma. The deepest insight into these laws I took from the scriptures of Rudolf Steiner. The law of Karma works in all three worlds, the mental, the astral and the physical world. Therefore:

Good thoughts and ideas reduce the Karma of my mental sphere. For this aim the thought control is essential.

Good feelings reduce the Karma of my astral sphere. For this aim the control of feelings and passions is essential.

Good deeds reduce the Karma of the physical sphere. For this aim it is necessary to meditate especially about the use of money and the relationship to the people connected with my life.

The student can put a few questions before his eyes:

Where have I invested the surplus of my money? Karma means deed. If I invest my money in a football club, in a golf club or a political party I will be connected to those people in my next incarnation. If I buy shares of the arms trade I will be partly responsible if people are killed with these weapons. If a bank takes my money to support wars and terror I will be responsible in relation to the parts of my money. If I vote for politicians who have nothing in mind than to increase their power by lies and brutal means, ruin the state by dept mountains and oppress the citizen with bad social laws I will be partly responsible.

What is the most precious knowledge I would like to see again in my next incarnation? How can I connect my Karma to this knowledge?


3. Exercises.

Start slowly! 5 Minutes „Thought control / 5 Minutes „Emptiness of thoughts“.

Never do exercises of the elements before you have removed the most negative qualities of your character! Why?

If you increase the powers of the elements these powers have an effect on all qualities of the character no matter whether positive or negative. Therefore, if you have still a greater imbalance in your character you are in danger to loose your psychic control. The once risen powers cannot be removed by simple means but usually require a longer effort to gain the balance back. The materialistic psychiatry usually is unable to lend a helping hand because of their lack of knowledge of the occult science. Be aware that you are already on the way if you make efforts to change the bad qualities of your character.

The careless use of elemental exercises is the biggest mistake most of the students of magic make as I know from the experience of a few decades. Patience, courage, modesty and perseverance is necessary for the magical path.

Good success, good luck for all students of magic,

Dieter Rüggeberg

Wuppertal, 03.10.2013 Adress: