The Brotherhood
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Stephen Knight
The Brotherhood
(Dorset Press, 1986)

S. 2: „This is the seat of the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body of the 8000-plus Lodges in England and Wales. These Lodges, of which there are another 1200-odd under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and about 750 und the Grand Lodge of Ireland, carry out their secret business and ritual in a deliverately cultivated atmosphere of mystery in masonic temples."

     Kommentar: Fast Zehntausend Logen allein in England, somit ein Staat im Staate! Wie viele Tausend sind es in Deutschland, über die die deutsche Presse kaum jemals ein Wort verliert?

S. 38: „There is an élite group of Freemasons in England over whom the United Grand Lodge has no jurisdiction. These are the brethren of the so-called Higher Degrees, and even the majority of the Freemasons have no idea of their existance.

Most Freemasons who have been raised to the 3rd Degree to become Master Masons believe they are the top of the masonic ladder.

     Kommentar: Der letzte Satz ist der Beweis für meine Ansicht, daß viele Freimaurer innerhalb der Orden dumm gehalten werden.

S. 40: „The ‚Masters', who form the largest proportion of Freemasons, are in most cases quite unaware of the thirty superior degrees to which they will never be admitted, nor even hear mentioned. This is the real picture, with the three lowly degrees governed by Grand Lodge and the thirty higher degrees governed by a Supreme Council."

S. 215: „It is an interesting anomaly that the Queen, as a woman, is banned from entering a masonic temple - yet she is Grand Patroness of the movement."

     Kommentar: Das wird der Königin von England nicht viel Kopfzerbrechen bereiten, daß sie die Freimaurertempel nicht betreten darf. Die Königin ist nämlich Oberhaupt der gesamten Anglikanischen Kirche. Da aber mindestens sämtliche hohen Würdenträger dieser Kirche der Freimaurerei angehören, ist die Königin sicherlich immer gut über alle Aktivitäten informiert.

S. 227-228: „The influential Livery Companies are almost entirely peopled by Freemasons. Like the Brotherhood, the Livery Companies - the name derives from the ceremonial dress of members - have developed from the medieval craftsmen's guilds and from religious or social fraternities. ..... A number of Livery Companies have their own Lodges and the City Livery Club has its own temple. ..... The Corporation of the City of London is so strongly masonic that many connected with it, some Masons included, think of it as virtuelly an arm of Grand Lodge. But it must not bbe forgotten that the City is first and formost a financial centre."

S. 280: „Licio Gelli - ruthless Fascist, torturer of partisans in the Second World War, friend and adviser of Perón and co-ordinator of right-wing corruption in Italy - was an agent of the KGB."

     Kommentar: So kann man die Wahrheit auch verbiegen. Bleibt nur noch die Frage, welche Kreise den KGB beherrschten - vielleicht der B'nai B'rith?

S. 283: „The February 1917 Revolution was provoked by Freemasons and was operated from the few masonic Lodges left after decades of persecution from Tsarist Secret Police. Alexander Kerensky, Justice Minister in the provisional government of Prince Georgi Yevgenievich Lvov, was a Freemason."

     Kommentar: Über die Aktivitäten der Logenbrüder Trotzki und Lenin schweigt er lieber! Es könnte sonst noch jemand eine falsche Meinung über die Freimaurerei gewinnen.

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